Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When can I get my permit?

You can get your permit if you are 16 or if you are 15 and have a certificate of driver’s education (CDE) form from a state certified driver’s education program.  We will issue CDE’s once the classroom portion of the course is completed and the course fee is paid in full.

How long until my permit expires?

Your permit is good for two years from the date of issue.

I only want to take the classroom part of the course, how will that affect when I can get my permit?

You have to take both parts of the course (classroom and driving) to get your permit when you’re 15.  If you only take the classroom part of the course you will have to wait until you are 16 to get your permit, and you would not be able to take the driving skills test with us.

When can I start driving in the car with my parents?

Once you have your permit and classes have begun, you can start driving with your parents.

How many hours do I have to drive with my parents before I can get my license?

You have to drive 50 hours with your parents, 10 of those 50 at night, before you can get your license.

Who should take the on-line class?

We strongly recommend taking the traditional course because it allows you to interact with the instructor and other students and share in their experiences.  We also do projects on changing a tire, checking
the fluids, buying a car, measuring the blind spot, recording a selfie, and planning a trip to Fort Wane.  In addition, we bring in speakers from the police department, train safety, insurance and a
speaker who talks about dealing with sight impaired pedestrians.  At the same time we understand that many people have very full schedules and can’t find the time to make all of the classroom sessions.  If you
don’t have an “off season,” then the on-line package may be a good fit for you.

How long do I have to finish the on-line class?

You have 120 days from the registration date to complete the on-line class and the six 1-hour drives.

If I start a driver education course with one school, then decide to switch to Ahead of the Curb, can I transfer the work that I have completed or do I have to start over?

Current rules allow for the transfer of classroom instruction from another school to Ahead of the Curb to complete the driving portion of the course.  However, we will have to verify your coursework at the other school, and we would then become the school of record.  The cost will be prorated based on your progress in the other school.

How long are classes and how many classes are there in one course?

The state says that a driver’s education course should be 30 hours in length.  We have divided the 30 hours into 10 three hour classes.

How long does it take to finish the on-line class?

The state recently changed the requirements for our online class.  The state requires that students spend 30 hours of classroom as part of driver’s education regardless of how the instruction is delivered.  That means that you have to spend 30 hours on the online class also.

How often do you offer classes?

We offer classes for the traditional course in various months throughout the year (see our schedule for details).  The on-line package can be taken at any time, but driving is limited to openings in the driving schedule.

Can I take a driving test through Ahead of the Curb if I didn’t take driver’s education?

Unfortunately we can only give the driving skills test to students who took driver’s education with us.

I just registered for driver’s education…what happens next?

You need to pay the $100 deposit by either dropping a check in the mail, stopping by the office and paying by cash or check, or using Paypal (additional charges apply).  Once we have your information and deposit, we prefer that you come in to the office so we can go over all of the forms with you, and you can sign the registration contract.  If you send the deposit by mail or Paypal, you can wait until the first night of class to sign the registration contracts. The state changed the rules for getting a permit; students now have to take a written test prior to getting their permit.  Because of the rule change, we will give you the form that you need to get your permit (CDE) after you finish the classroom part of the course and the full course fee is paid.

I just registered to take a driving skills test…what happens next?

We will call or email to set up a time to take the test.  Driving skills tests are administered during one of our open drive times (see the driving calendar for details) or outside of those times based on the instructors’ schedule.  Don’t forget to bring your completion form, $25, and your permit when you come in to take the test.

When can I take my driving test?

You can take a driving test with us ($25 fee) anytime from the end of the driver’s education until you are ready to get your license.  You can take it through the BMV when you are 16 years and 90 days of age.


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