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Ahead of the Curb Driving Academy is committed to providing high quality driver’s education.  Our instructors have a wealth of experience and are very patient during the lessons.  Our office is located just south of Fort Wayne in Decatur, but we have instructors who drive in Decatur, Bluffton, Heritage Jr/Sr High School, and Norwell High School.  We serve students from Adams, Allen, Huntington, and Wells County schools.  Let us help you navigate your way to your driver’s license.

  Order of Operations

  1. Register for classes
  2. Pay for the course
  3. Complete the traditional or online course
  4. Get a form from us called a CDE
  5. Get your permit from the BMV
  6. Start driving with parents and schedule six hours of driving with one of our certified instructors.

Driver's Education

We offer thirty hours of instruction in a classroom or through an online course, and six hours of behind-the-wheel training.

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Driving Options

We offer the six hour driving portion of the driver’s education for those who have done the book work through another school.  We also drive by the hour with students of all ages who want to improve thier driving skills.

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Driving Skills Test

We can give the driving skills test that everyone has to take before getting their license to all of our students.

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