Driver’s Education

Driver's education is made up of two parts, classroom and driving instruction.

Classroom Component

The classroom component consists of thirty hours of classroom instruction in a traditional classroom setting.  The thirty hours of instruction is broken down into ten 3-hour classes.  Attendance is mandatory and if a student needs to miss he or she will have to make up the missed class in our next session.

If your schedule won't allow you to make the ten classes, the online course might be your best option.  You will still spend thirty hours working on the course but you can do it on your own schedule (up to three hours in a day).

Driving Component

The driving component consists of six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with one of our certified instructors.  The driving schedule is very flexible and we let you pick the days, times, and instructor(s) that you drive with.  You can drive one hour per day and up to three hours in a week with one of our instructors.

Next Steps

  1. Register
  2. Complete the traditional or online course
  3. Get your permit from the BMV
    1. Documents to take along
      1. Get a form from us (CDE)
      2. Original birth certificate
      3. Social Security Card
      4. 2 things with the student's name and address
    2. Pass a computer test at the BMV to get your permit
  4. Start driving with parents and schedule six 1-hour drives with one of our certified instructors.
    1. You can drive one hour per day (with our instructors)
    2. You can drive no more than three times per week (with our instructors)
  5. You will have to pass a driving skills test to get your license.  You can take it through us or at the BMV

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